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A Grand Strategy Multiplayer Online Wargame

Aconita is a complex, turn-based 4X strategy game in which the player takes control of an early Neolithic settlement that has just been founded in a fertile region of the world. From then on, the player must explore the immediate surroundings, mine the first raw materials, erect important buildings, develop new technologies, produce tools, learn the necessary skills and, of course, not lose sight of the growing needs of the population.

The game principle of Aconita is essentially inspired by the gameplay of classic PBEM games. In Aconita, players can create their turn for a game round asynchronously, i.e. independently of each other, so that nobody is forced to wait for other players or to be online at a specific time.

The world of Aconita is a detailed, living simulation of the real world, with a realistic geography, seasons, a dynamic environment of renewable resources and plausible migration movements of the population.

In addition to the extensive socio-economic, technological and political simulation game, Aconita is also an extremely complex conflict simulation. All players are part of a large world and fight for supremacy over the limited resources there, be it through diplomacy, favourable trade relations or military means.

Aconita does not specify a game objective. Each player can define their own style of play and goals.