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It always proves useful, especially with larger, long-term projects, to pause from time to time, take a few steps back from your daily work, take a deep breath and look again at the big picture you want to work towards.

After a short creative break, I am delighted to announce the relaunch of the Aconita project today. In the course of this, however, there will be a few fundamental changes in the approach and also in the objective.
One major difference is that the development of Aconita, unlike in the past, will initially be continued as a purely non-commercial project. On the one hand, this will have the disadvantage that new features can no longer be implemented as quickly as it was previously the case, but on the other hand, all previous commercial constraints and expectations, which would have proved detrimental to Aconita and its quality in some decisions in the past, will no longer apply.

With the new approach, it will take some more time until a version 1.0 will be ready, but this will ensure that there will be no lazy compromises or shortcomings in the design, functionality and final product quality of Aconita due to commercial interests.

This was accompanied by a complete overhaul of the online presence. The forum was switched off and the decision was made in favour of a simple, unagitated, but also technically simple website, which requires little maintenance but should still offer maximum information content.
Here in the news section I would like to bundle all news about Aconita, so that you can always see at a glance what is currently being worked on, whether new versions have been released or whether new test games are planned. The popular DevLeaks will of course be saved from the forum and transferred to the new format. New articles on selected features are also planned for the future. A new wiki section has been added, which is still empty at the moment, but is intended to become a game reference in the future. Those of you who enjoy numbers, tables and lists will certainly get their money's worth there. 😉

Otherwise, as always: "Haste makes waste" and "It's done when it's done". With this in mind...